Works of Katsuyo Aoki Official Website

New Works

45high.jpg45-1 high.jpg44-3 low.jpg
Predictive Dream XLIV, H 310 x W 275x D 360mm, Porcelain, 2013

44 high.jpg44-1 high.jpg
Predictive Dream XLV, H 270 x W 235x D 355 mm, Porcelain, 2013



Predictive Dream XLIII, H 270x W 220x D323mm, Porcelain 2013


Predictive Dream XLII, H 231x W207x D32mm, Porcelain 2013


H452x W503x D395mm, Porcelain 2013


H 505x W410 x D410 mm, Porcelain 2013

Predictive Dream Series

29.jpgPredictive Dream XXIX, H210×W170×D235mm, 2011,Porcelain28.jpgPredictive Dream XXVIII, H215×W135×D215mm, 2011,Porcelain23.jpgPredictive Dream XXIV, H210×W140×D220mm, 2011,Porcelain24-1.jpgPredictive Dream XXIII, H210×W140×D220mm, 2011,Porcelain24.jpgPredictive Dream XXIII, H210×W140×D220mm, 2011,Porcelain
29-4.jpgPredictive Dream XXIX, H210×W170×D235mm, 2011,Porcelain29-2.jpgPredictive Dream XXVIX, H210×W170×D235mm, 2011,Porcelain29-3.jpgPredictive Dream XXIX, H210×W170×D235mm, 2011,Porcelain30.jpgPredictive Dream XXX, H160×W150×D210mm, 2011,Porcelain_B6I9908.tifPredictive Dream XXX, H160×W150×D210mm, 2011,Porcelain
31.jpgPredictive Dream XXXI, H220×W145×D225mm, 2011,Porcelain18-1.jpgPredictive Dream XVIII, H210×W140×D220mm, 2011,Porcelain18.jpgPredictive Dream XVIII, H210×W140×D220mm, 2011,Porcelain19.jpgPredictive Dream XXV, H210×W140×D220mm, 2011,Porcelain20.jpgPredictive Dream XX, H210×W140×D220mm, 2011,Porcelain
22-1.jpgPredictive Dream XXII, H210×W140×D220mm, 2011,Porcelain2.JPGPredictive Dream XIV , H210×W140×D220mm, 2010,Porcelain4.JPGPredictive Dream XV , H200×W160×D200mm, 2010, Porcelain3.JPGPredictive Dream XV , H200×W160×D200mm, 2010, Porcelain 9.tif

Selected Works 2011-2001

untitled.jpguntitled, 2011, Porcelain

Manuscript_II.jpgManuscript Ⅱ, H1700×W470×D180mm, 2011, PorcelainOracle.jpgOracle, H2600×W220×D220mm, 2010, PorcelainAoki4.JPGTorolldom H3800×W2200×D250mm, 2010, PorcelainIMGP2023.jpgInstalartion View of MOT Anual 2010
IMGP2033.jpgInstalartion View of MOT Anual 2010 IMGP2070.jpgInstalartion View of MOT Anual 2010 IMGP2095.jpgDetail of "maniera Ⅰ"C.jpgManieraⅠ, 1620x2070x180mm, 2009, PorcelainE.tifa fountain in our backyard, W670xH400xD400mm, 2006, Porcelain
Aoki 2のコピー.jpgInstallation View, Roentgenwerke, Tokyo, 2006F.jpgLabylinth, W930xH2400xD480mm, 2005,Porcelainmaniscript jpg.jpgManiscript, W530xH1030xD90mm, 2010,PorcelainH.tifMirror, Mirror , H2500×W5000 ×D200mm, 2006, PorcelainD.jpgTell the Story, H1890xW290xD290mm, 2005, Porcelain
G.jpgInstallation View, solo show at INAX Gallery2, Tokyo, 2006I.jpgInstallation View, solo show at INAX TILE MUSEUM, Gifu, 2006 J.jpgFame, H2760×W670×D580mm, 2003, PorcelainK.jpgInstallation View, solo show at Makii Masaru Art, Tokyo, 2003Aoki 13.jpgInstallation View, solo show at INAX Gallery2, Tokyo, 2006
Aoki 9.jpgAoki 10.jpgDetail of "Read the Story"Aoki 18.jpgAoki 22.jpgInstallation View, solo exhibition at Gallery LE DECO, Tokyo, 2001Record.jpgRecord, H1730×W670×D670mm, 2001, Porcelain